Weight Loss Clinic


As a certified weight loss consultant and qualified chef, Tracey brings her years of experience together to help you lose weight successfully. Having studied Nutrition at Massey University and continued studies in other areas of health and wellness, The New You has a wealth of knowledge to not only help you lose weight but achieve overall health.

Tracey advocates Health | Wellness | Weight-Loss in that order.  When you address the foods you eat and change your lifestyle for healthier habits, you will naturally achieve better health.  When you achieve better health you will feel well, when you feel well you will care about your body more, when you care about your body and your health more, you will finally master your weight loss forever. 

'Thanks Tracey for helping in my weight loss journey, your knowledge and expertise have been such a great help learning about my healthy eating and better lifestyle.  You have inspired me to lose 15 kgs so far and looking forward to getting rid of the rest.  Looking forward to our journey ahead.'  Mike. Oratia