Weight Loss Clinic

Here is a snippet of some of the clients results.

Sustainable weight loss is not done overnight! Many of my clients make slow steady progress and keep the weight off.  Developing healthier habits is the key, particularly if you have been a yo-yo dieter in the past.

Client Success - Men

Male Aged 48. Starting weight 122.5kgs lost 11.1kgs to date. Even with a few ups and down along the way this client has maintained his weight loss.

 Male Aged 28. Starting weight 113.5kgs lost 10.1kgs and with just a few lifestyle habits has not returned to his starting weight.

 Male Aged 71. Starting weight 113.8kgs lost 13kgs in 5 months. This client was very disciplined and followed The New You suggested changes to his lifestyle. He continues to lose weight by his own direction.

Male Aged 46. Starting weight 86kgs lost 7.3kgs to date. Changing to smaller sized portions at meals has not only helped this client lose weight but also save money on the weekly shop. We continue to work together to cement healthier lifestyle habits.

Male Aged 39. New client. Starting weight 69.9 has lost 2.1 kgs. Goal is to lose 5kgs - easy!

Male Aged 56. Business executive, travels extensively. This client is within a healthy weight range. He has continued to work with The New You for over 4 years to keep his weight in check. Together we ensure he sticks to certain strategies whilst away which has stopped his weight from getting out of control. Key results here have been a reduction in body fat and unhealthy visceral fat.


Client Success - Woman

 Female Aged 43. Busy mum with a starting weight of 111.3kgs lost 10.4kgs in 6 months and we continue to work together building on healthier habits and lifestyle changes.

Female Aged 37.  This client came to me after the birth of her second child. A starting weight of of 63.1kgs was reduced to 54.5kgs in 6 months. A loss of 8.6kgs coupled with a 7.7% body fat reduction has been the result of lifestyle changes.

Female Aged 86. This client is unique as we work together more in overall health and wellness rather than the initial weight loss she came to see me for when she was 80. As an older client it is important that there is encouragement in keeping active and muscle strength; along with meal ideas for a single person.  This client has a metabolic age of 69, swims, walks and plays golf.  She is an inspiration!

Female Aged 50. In 7 months Lost 6.9kgs.

Female Aged 67. We worked together until she moved out of Auckland.  Lost 5.1kgs in 5 months.

Female Aged 28. Balancing study, work and children meant for this client time was precious and the plan had to fit her lifestyle. We worked together making healthier habits that could be easily incorporated into a very busy routine.  With some tweaks here and there, weight loss of 5.8kgs was achieved and she was very happy.

Female Aged 51.  I worked with this client when she was 49 and with the 50th birthday on the horizon a weight loss of 6.1kgs was achieved in 5 months.  With the sustainable weight loss strategies taught, this client continued to lose weight losing a total of 11.9kgs by her 50th birthday.  Since then weigh loss has continued with the total lost as at December 2018 13.9kgs. A fabulous achievement for a busy career woman.