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Client Testimonials.

Tracey and Rich (Your Combined Weight Loss Success Programme) were great to work with, very encouraging and goal focused. I think the two streams compliment each other.  Tammy, West Auckland.

I found the 4 week Introductory Weight Loss Programme really helped me get started on my weight loss journey.  I found Tracey's support very helpful in keeping me focused on my choices and being aware of triggers for overeating.  I lost 3 kilos in 4 weeks and am continuing to lose weight with Tracey's support. I would definitely recommend the programme to others. B.B. Titirangi

During the 4 week Introductory Weight Loss Programme, I found the weekly emails helped me to think about my choices of food and also to reflect on why we make these choices. As an introductory course I thought it was great - manageable steps and small changes which all added up to better results. I appreciated the personal feedback based on my weekly questionnaire answers. The personal touch of the emails were also a great support. B. Laignholm

The recipe book Tracey gave me on the Introductory Weight Loss Programme has changed the way my family eats fairly dramatically! We have increased our vegetable intake a lot which is awesome and my son has also begun to eat celery as a snack because he saw me eat it. The accountability of the programme really helped me think about what was going into my mouth! I have continued with this to stay focused and banish my bad habits. Tracey's way of keeping me accountable encouraged me to consider why I made choices and I found it to be a nice holistic way of looking at weight loss. Thanks for your help Tracey.  G.H. Green Bay

Tracey has created a supportive, caring and knowledgeable place to become “The New You”. For me changing old habits at nearly 60 was not easy but with Traceys’ continued encouragement I have new eating routines in place an am nearly at my goal weight. The regular emails with new recipes and ideas are very helpful, in fact my daily breakfast was an idea of Traceys. The Saturday body scan is always interesting and keeps me focused.Tracey is a terrific role model being fit and healthy and has a strong food and nutrition background so always has a new idea I can take home with me. Thanks Tracey and I highly recommend The New You to anyone who wants to be supported on their path to good health. Lynn

Thanks Tracey for helping in my weight loss journey, your knowledge and expertise have been such a great help learning about my healthy eating and better lifestyle.  You have inspired me to lose 15 kgs so far and looking forward to getting rid of the rest.  Looking forward to our journey ahead.   Mike. Oratia

Tracey from The New You worked with me for a year, helping me to have a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. With me living in the UK and Tracey living in NZ, the distance did not matter. We Skyped once a week and during our sessions, I would update her on progress and weight, along with challenges faced during the week or I would be facing the week ahead. Tracey helped me look at each situation and gave me suggestions which she felt could help me. I made steady progress. The support I received from The New You was fantastic. I received regular emails and messages throughout the week to keep me going and if I ever needed help during the week, Tracey was always prompt with getting back to me and always had an answer to help. I would recommend The New You to anybody who would like to improve their health or lose weight. Lisa, Hertfordshire UK

I enjoyed my weekly visits with Tracey, she really cares about seeing her clients succeed and holds you accountable for your bad habits, as well as offering great advice on things you can change or tweak. With her help I managed to lose weight which made me feel better about myself as well as taking pressure off my poor knees. C.D. Lynfield

I just wanted to say that Tracey is the person to see if you want a one on one private consultation at a reasonable cost, a positive person to motivate you, a knowledgeable person to educate you, a fully committed and professional person that goes that extra mile. I have lost weight relatively easily by just changing my eating habits with Tracey's expert advice and humour. She sends me emails and points me to the right isles in the supermarket for healthier options. This is way better than groups. Try it for yourself and make your own mind up. J.D. Glen Eden

I've never had to lose weight before; but I put on 10kg during stressful life events.  I knew what to do I just couldn't do it even with cardio & weight exercises 3-5 times per week. I booked with Tracey mainly to be accountable to someone.  I have lost 4 kgs so far, even though I'm not at my goal weight my body is more like it used to be and I can jog again without my back hurting. Being accountable and writing a food plan were the main things that helped. Tracey also has some great tips on what to eat to reduce your carb load and more! Highly recommend Tracey if you can't go it alone.   G.R. New Lynn

Tracey has been exceptionally helpful in educating me and supporting me in my health and weight loss journey. She is very knowledgeable about all things nutrition and yet makes it easy to understand and easy to follow. The advice she gives is very useful and she makes it so that it easy to work in to my busy life. She has always been super supportive and sends through lots of good advice and recipes including really good vegetarian and vegan ones. Even when I have had moments when I have given up on myself she hasn’t given up on me. Tracey has a great understanding of not just the food aspect of weight loss but the emotional aspect as well. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to get healthier and thinner without having to follow a complicated and confusing system.  E.MA. Hamilton

I can't thank Tracey enough for supporting me through my weight loss journey, Tracey's practical, real-life advice, recipes and encouraging was the push I needed to lose 12kg and keep it off something I really struggled to do on my own after having my daughter.    I have more energy, confidence, and the tools to make healthy choices going forward.  J.S. Laingholm

I love that Tracey is passionate about helping me achieve my weight loss, fitness and health goals! I have lost more than 10kgs and am making better food choices and wouldn't have been able to do it without her help. She truly is amazing. Thank heaps! J.R. New Lynn

Thanks so much for your help in my weight loss Tracey.  I have lost 6kgs and have kept them off!  Your ideas such as the change of breakfasts that you helped me implement and your great recipe ideas have helped all in my family to make better food choices.  I love your enthusiasm, it's so infectious and helps keep you motivated and on-track. H.E. Oratia

Just to let you know that I am thrilled to have lost 7 kgs with your help. I couldn't (and hadn't ) been able to do it on my own. I have lost 5 inches off my waist. Today I went out and bought 3 new tops for work. And got out my sewing machine and took in 3 skirts! They look great and I'm sorted for work (my clothes have been a bit baggy lately and that's never a good look). I'm down a good dress size. Also, I have more energy and FEEL better about myself. I can't thank you enough Tracey. I feel that my relationship with food has changed and will never regain that awful weight. I wish you the best with your business and, as you know, have recommended you to friends and family. M.D. New Lynn

Being a diabetic it is hard to know what to type of food to eat and what not. You get told that certain food you can and can't have makes it harder sometimes as I have passion for food. Tracey has given me ideas on how I can create meals with some sort of carbs and still be able to enjoy my meals. Also I have noticed that my energy level has starting to change, being able to sleep properly as before I used to struggle sleeping. Also, I noticed that my sugar level has come down. My average readings used to be between 8 - 9 now it's come down to 6-7. Tracey gives you ideas on how you can discipline yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle. S.N. Auckland Central