Weight Loss Clinic

WELCOME to The New You. Let me ask you a few questions.

Are you struggling with your weight?

Do you lack energy?

Do you just want to feel better? Are you sick of always going on a "diet"?

If you answered YES! Then please explore this site and find out how I can help you get to your desired weight and feel better in the process.

No fad diets. The New You teaches clients how to eat healthy, tasty food that fits in with their lifestyle. If you could eat abundantly, not calorie count or count points and still lose weight - would you want to learn how? 

'I love that Tracey is passionate about helping me achieve my weight loss, fitness and health goals! I have lost more than 10kgs and am making better food choices and wouldn't have been able to do it without her help. She truly is amazing. Thank heaps!' J.R. New Lynn

Hi, I am Tracey and I welcome you to take a look around my site and to ask me if you have any questions. I am passionate about helping people lose weight and ultimately be healthier in the long term. If you want to lose weight without starving yourself, then choose The New You.

Yes, tasty treats are part of what The New You teaches! Making lifestyle changes are about changes but not deprivation.  I help you choose healthier options but also include delicious dessert recipes like this Creamy Chocolate Mousse.

Healthier habits = a healthier slimmer YOU.

My clients get results - just see the testimonials.

'Thanks so much for your help in my weight loss Tracey.  I have lost 6kgs and have kept them off!  Your ideas such as the change of breakfasts that you helped me implement and your great recipe ideas have helped all in my family to make better food choices.  I love your enthusiasm, it's so infectious and helps keep you motivated and on-track.' H.E. Oratia